G.H. Goldstick & Company offers the following services to companies and lending institutions:

Company Assessment
Your business is not performing up to the shareholders' expectations. The board and management want to know why and conclude that an objective independent analysis by a management expert is in order. G.H. Goldstick consultants undertake a rapid but thorough investigation and analysis of the current situation and provide findings and recommendations to the board and management. The findings identify the critical factors that are contributing to the company's current problems. The recommendations include the potential actions available to the board and management to stabilize the company and reverse the negative performance trend.

Turnaround and Revitalization of Troubled or
Under-Performing Companies

All companies experience transitions that put the business at risk. The company whose board and CEO recognize early on the need for outside help to pull the company out of its crisis offers the best chance of preserving and enhancing shareholder value. The longer the company's leaders wait to take action, the more difficulty the company will have in turning it's fortunes around. G.H. Goldstick consultants can step in immediately to stabilize a company's situation and prevent further deterioration. Our consultants act both as temporary operating executives with the authority of the board and management or as advisors. Following the initial stabilization steps, our consultants work with the board and management to develop and implement a long term strategy to return the company to profitable growth or position the company for sale.

Interim Management
Your company has just lost one or more key executives or is struggling with a critical management succession problem. If your company is just emerging, you need critical executive skills and contacts, but are not ready to hire a full time executive for a key operating or financial position. G.H. Goldstick consultants provide interim executive, operating, or financial management services to fill temporary, but serious, management gaps for a wide range of industries.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation
Your firm is facing major marketplace changes, such as industry or regulatory restructuring, new technology, or major new competition. You need help in developing and implementing a new business strategy. The company's current management team is good, but they are stuck in old paradigms. G.H. Goldstick consultants can bring broad experience in different markets, along with common sense and good judgment, to assist companies in developing new strategies.

Debt Restructuring, Loan Workouts, and Proactive Insolvency Strategies for Financially Troubled Companies
Sometimes the best of companies find themselves with too much debt. If your company has difficulty covering debt service, G.H. Goldstick can help you develop and implement a strategy to restructure your balance sheet, negotiate with your creditors, and work the company out of its temporary financial difficulties without resorting to bankruptcy.

Positioning a Company for Sale or Other Liquidity Event
When the owners are ready to sell or otherwise establish liquidity for shareholders, G.H. Goldstick consultants can help company management clean up the balance sheet, resolve operational problems and enhance shareholders value.

Expert Witness Testimony
You are a party in a lawsuit and your attorney needs an expert to testify in the area of company financial distress, restructuring or revitalization. G.H. Goldstick has extensive experience as an expert witness and can provide expert testimony in these areas.


State Court Receiver
You are involved in an intractable dispute with your business partner. As a result of the conflict and the absence of a common purpose, the company has begun to falter and your investment is in jeopardy. In order to resolve the stalemate and preserve the business value you can petition the court to have G.H. Goldstick appointed as a Receiver to manage and preserve the business until you and your partner settle the dispute.

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The Business Health Index is a self-testing instrument that will provide a business owner a general diagnosis of the company's health.

Mr. Goldstick has published two books, which are available for purchase;

Business RX: How To Get In
The Black & Stay There

by Gary Goldstick

“Business RX gives you solid information on the causes of failure, and a good dose of how to take positive action that can heal a troubled company. Along the way, Goldstick offers a few valuable insights.
Success Magazine


Romancing the Business Loan: Getting Your Banker to say “YES” in the 90’s
by Gary Goldstick

“Gary offers new insights on developing a good relationship with bankers. His real life examples will prove informative to any reader who is trying to secure a business loan.”
Rayburn S. Dezember, Former Chairman, American National Bank





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