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Counseling Business Clients Undergoing Major Transitions

The following program is designed for business advisors, such as lawyers and accountants. The course has been approved for 2 credits by both the Oregon and Washington State Bars for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. The course also qualifies for 2 Oregon CPE credits. If you are interested in more information about this program, please send an email message with your questions to

Program Outline:
Stages and Levels of Business Adversity
Hypothetical Case # 1: Jupiter Distribution
How Companies Get into Trouble
Hypothetical Case #2: Idaho Pellets
Insolvency Options and Processes
Turnaround Strategies
Hypothetical Case # 3: Hollywood Heating
Assessing the Probability of a Successful Turnaround
Hypothetical Case # 4: King Carrots, Inc.
Understanding the Client's Emotional State
Early Warning Signs of a Company on the Edge
Course Summary

Course Materials:
Presentation Slides
Business Health Index
Business RX: How to Get in the Black and Stay There


G.H. Goldstick is a Certified Management Consultant, has focused his 21-year consulting career on enhancing shareholder value for troubled and transitioning companies. He has successfully turned around, restructured, revitalized and liquidated over 300 businesses.
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Ten Do's and Don'ts to Keep
Your Banker Happy

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